At Republic Finance we have been helping our customers meet their financial needs and life goals since 1952. We offer personal loans directly, from bill consolidations, home improvements, vacations, and car purchases to medical bills, car repairs, and other unplanned expenses. For car buyers, we offer refinancing of existing loans and both new and used car purchases. 

If you are interested in any of our product offerings, please call or drop by your local Republic Finance branch today to speak with one of our financial specialists to find out how we can assist you with a loan.
Offers are subject to our usual credit requirements. Borrowers must provide adequate property as collateral.

Automobile Loans
Let us help you get on the road with a new or new-to-you vehicle!
Bill Consolidation Loans

Ask us about how you can combine your bills and possibly lower your monthly payments!

Emergency Loans

Let us help you with unexpected personal expenses.

Holiday Loans

Let us help you celebrate the holidays with your family and friends!


Home Improvement Loans

Let us help you with new landscaping, appliances, or paint for your house!

K-12 School Expense Loans

Let us help you with K-12 school year expenses such as new uniforms, books, or supplies.

Personal Loans

Let us help you get the funds you need!

Vacation Loans

Let us help you take that family trip or have some fun with friends!

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